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Career Flying

A career in flying can be very rewarding - with flexible schedules and the ability to see the world while doing something you love. WINGS Flight School offers many courses that can help those interested in flying, students, and private pilots get closer to a career in aviation.

We have instructors that can help you study and become a private pilot, get instrument rated, get a commerical rating, get a multi-engine rating, and become an instructor yourself. Being an instructor helps you increase your hours while getting paid and can have you well on your way to the opportunity of having a career in flying.

Contact us at (707) 44WINGS or 1(707) 449-4647 to find out how we can help you.

Airplane Courses Offered:

  • Private Pilot 141/61
  • Instrument Rating 141/61
  • Commercial Pilot 141/61
  • Multi-Engine Add-On 141/61
  • Certified Flight Instructor 141/61
  • Instrument Instructor 141/61
  • Multi-Engine Instructor 141/61

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