International Training

(Temporarily Unavailable)

There are additional requirements for International students applying to WINGS to become a pilot. The following information outlines these additional requirements:

  1. You must be able to read, write and speak English.
  2. Complete in full and sign the WINGS Application for International Students. A copy of your identification and passport expiration will be required when submitting your application. You may also email or fax the following documents to us at 707-449-4647:

    • Application completed in full including signature
    • Scanned color copy of identification and expiration portion of passport

  3. Proof of financial responsibility showing you have funds available for your desired flight training and living expenses. If funds are in another individuals name, you must have that person sign the affidavit of financial support stating they will be financially responsible for your living expenses and flight training while in the USA.
  4. If accepted, WINGS Flight School will send you an acceptance letter via email. You will then be required to pay the $50 application fee.

    • The application fee of $50 is payable via credit card, debit card, or cashiers check
    • If you wish to pay by cashiers check, you may drop it off to Denise Duncan in the office or mail it to 301 County Airport Rd, Suite 105 Vacaville, CA 95688
  5. Once the application fee has been paid, we will mail the I-20 form to you. You will need to make an appointment to obtain your M-1 Visa. Once you receive your I-20, you will need to log into SEVIS and pay your I-901 fee. IMPORTANT: You must be sure the information you enter on the Form I-901 is exactly as it is shown on the Form I-20.

    • You will receive a receipt immediately after registration
    • Complete this step before scheduling your interview with the US Embassy as you must bring the receipt with you to the US Embassy to apply for your Visa

  6. Call the nearest US Embassy for an appointment to receive approval of the M-1 Visa. A routine interview and document review will take place during this appointment. These documents include:

    • Form I-20
    • Passport
    • Financial Statements
    • Receipt for payment of Form I-901

  7. You will be notified if you have been approved or declined, but the length of time varies from country to country.

  8. Fill out an application for a background check with TSA online. The current processing fee for each course is $130 and is subject to change. Please note the name on the credit card must match the name of the applicant. This fee does not need to be paid until after you receive approval of your M-1 Visa.
  9. It is recommended that all International Students purchase a "Medical / Addicent" insurance policy for the length of time they are in flight training at WINGS Flight School.
  10. Welcome to WINGS Flight School, let the training begin!

Airplane Courses Offered:

  • Private Pilot 141/61
  • Instrument Rating 141/61
  • Commercial Pilot 141/61
  • Multi-Engine Add-On 141/61
  • Certified Flight Instructor 141/61
  • Instrument Instructor 141/61
  • Multi-Engine Instructor 141/61